3 Critical Questions To Answer BEFORE You Start A Blog

You've most likely heard the expression "look before you jump" or one comparative. This couldn't be more genuine than when you're considering beginning a blog. Here are 3 basic inquiries that you should reply before you start a blog to spare yourself huge amounts of sorrow and disappointment.

Question 1. Before You Start A Blog… Ask Yourself Why You Want To Start A Blog?

Your for what reason is what's going to prop you up when you get disappointed and need to surrender. Knowing why you need to begin a blog BEFORE you start blogging is basic to your prosperity. You don't have to know the majority of the "how to" subtleties in advance, however you should comprehend WHY you're doing it.

Here are the 4 most regular purposes behind beginning a blog:

  1. Start a blog to instruct, educate, or tell somebody the best way to accomplish something.
  2. Start a blog to share your own story and encounters.
  3. Start a blog to develop your business or assemble your own image.
  4. Start a blog to sell something and profit on the web.

  Start A Blog To Educate, Teach, Or Show Someone How To Do Something

This is the most well known sort of blog. Blogging to instruct, train, or teach is an approach to change the world, help other people, and simply give back.

When you start training blog, your manner of thinking is around issues and arrangements. Your perusers have an issue, and you have an answer. The arrangement that you give can be easygoing like an exhortation blog or increasingly formal like an online course.

Individuals who start these kinds of online journals love to learn and share information. They appreciate helping other people and watching them succeed.

This is me. I LOVE to enable other individuals to succeed, and my superpower is the capacity to assimilate huge amounts of learning and separate it with the goal that others can get it.

Prior to beginning an instructive blog, ask yourself these inquiries and how you can offer some incentive.

  • What are you really great at and I mean superior to every other person you know?
  • What is the one subject that you ceaselessly love to inquire about and find out about?
  • What is the one thing that you can discuss for a considerable length of time and hours and never get exhausted?
  • What abilities have you gained in your life through work or leisure activities?

Instructive websites come in each shape and size. Most web journals will fall into this classification.

Here are the example:

  • Step by step instructions to make an excellent nursery
  • Home improvement instructional recordings
  • Cosmetics guidelines
  • Web based cooking course
  • Instruct Yoga
  • Instructions to Master Google Docs

Start A Blog To Share Your Personal Story And Experiences

An encounter based blog is less about educating and progressively about sharing. Notwithstanding your history, you have something to share. This sort of blog will in general be not so much organized but rather more inventive and flowy.

Is it true that you are one of those individuals who has carried on an insane, abnormal, or agreeable life? Have you endure a disaster, disease, or gotten away from an injurious relationship? Is it accurate to say that you are a tremendous achievement in your industry? Or then again perhaps, your life has been an all out disappointment, and you can advise individuals what NOT to do…

Here are the example of blogging about existence:

  • Sightseeing blog
  • A blog about living with diabetes (however this could likewise be an instructive blog contingent upon your own style)
  • Enduring separation/or anecdotes about marriage or children
  • What not to do at work
  • Your voyage to wellbeing and wellness

Question 2: Before You Start A Blog… What Will Your Blog Be About?

You don't need to know it all direct, however before you start a blog, you should think about to what you will blog about and how you will introduce yourself to the world.

Pick A Blogging Topic – Passions Vs. Cash Makers

Once in a while you'll hear this alluded to as your specialty. It's your essential center, what you will blog about the most. Your specialty/point will drive all that you expound on and share on your blog.

There are two ways of thinking on picking the privilege blogging specialty.

Blog About Your Passions

A few people say that you ought to pick something you are enthusiastic about in light of the fact that that is the thing that gets you up each morning and inspires you to compose excellent substance. While that is an extraordinary idea, if your enthusiasm is submerged bin weaving, you are probably not going to make a magnificent pay blogging about it. One frequently disregarded segment in blogging is that you should have the option to discover related items to elevate to your client base to profit.

While I concur altogether with that idea, if your enthusiasm is painting thimbles, you are probably not going to make a brilliant pay blogging about it – however I'm certain there is a gathering of individuals who are energetic about their thimbles! One regularly neglected segment in blogging is that you should have the option to discover related items to elevate to your client base to profit.

One regularly ignored part in blogging is that you should have the option to make an item or effectively find related items to elevate to your perusers to make cash blogging.

Blog For Money

There are the individuals who state you should ONLY pick subjects that are known cash creators whether you are energetic about them or not. That will possibly work if your genuine enthusiasm is profiting! Else, you're going to wind up exhausted and deadened – that is horrible quality of life…

I for one accept that it ought to be BOTH. You need to be certain that thousands (if not millions) of other individuals share your energy and enthusiasm for the point and will pay cash for items or potentially benefits that you bring to the table in the specialty occasionally. Regardless of whether you're not keen on profiting from your blog, I am expecting that you at any rate need other individuals to peruse it, yes? At that point similar standards apply.

Record your main 3 thoughts that you are energetic about and think you need to blog about. And afterward, do probably some exploration in advance to ensure there are at any rate 1000's (ideally millions) of other individuals keen on your subject and are eager to pay cash for items and administrations. On the off chance that nobody else is scanning for your subject, check that coincidental the rundown. (We'll get into how to do this examination in another article.)

What Kind Of Blog Do You Want To Create?

In addition to the fact that you need to consider your point before you start a blog, yet you'll additionally need to consider the kind of blog you need to have. Every one of these kinds of online journals has an alternate design, character, and distributing necessities.

  • News Blog
  • Style Blog
  • Counsel Blog
  • Formula Blog
  • Sightseeing Blog
  • Story Blog
  • Survey Blog
  • Web based business Blog

Knowing how and what you need to blog before you start blogging will make you an undeniably progressively fruitful blogger!

What Kind Of Blogger Do You Want To Be?

When you first start considering beginning a blog, you may not totally comprehend your "online persona," however indeed, you'll at any rate need to think about it.

Your "Blogging Persona"

Your "blogging persona" can affect everything about your blog and the manner in which you present yourself to the world. The style wherein you compose your blog entries, how regularly you distribute those posts, where to share them via web-based networking media, and even to what extent (what number of words) to make your blog entries will all be influenced by your "blogging persona."

Here are a couple of conceivable "blogging personas" to help kick you off…


You are a definitive wellspring of learning on your specific point, and you need to be recognized for your aptitude. Your blog entries will be centered, exceptionally definite, and regularly very long. Nowadays a specialist post can without much of a stretch surpass 3000 – 5000 words and that is superbly OK. Gone are the times of 300-word "linkbait" articles.


You have a story to tell! What you're composing is imaginative and flowy, and your blog entries may cover various themes from your big day to your undertakings renovating your home. Any place your motivation drives you, that is the thing that you expound on.


The partner personas are the Reviewers, DIY'ers, and how to bloggers (I will in general fall in this class). You need to enable other individuals to take care of their issues in the manner conceivable.


You need to turn into a blogger for a clear reason – advance your business and profit. You're not in it for the energy. You're in it for the cash.


Regardless of whether it's magnificence, design, innovation, legislative issues, or regular nourishments, if it's news and it's going on now, you think about it need to expound on it. You will in general post shorter posts all the more much of the time with parts and loads of pictures to help recount to your story.

There are considerably more "blogging personas" so take the time forthright to comprehend who you are before you start blogging. Take a gander at different bloggers in your specialty to perceive how they compose and position their posts and site in general. It will spare you and your perusers a great deal of dissatisfaction and disarray later not far off. Truly, would you be able to envision setting off to a specialized item survey site where the "analyst" continues to inform you regarding the fantastic style show she went to the previous evening?

Question 3: Before You Start A Blog… How Much Time Can You Realistically Commit When You Start Blogging?

This is the absolute most noteworthy purposes of disappointment for new bloggers! They focus on 5 hours out of each day figuring they will be fruitful in about fourteen days… When in all actuality, they'll be fortunate to get in 5 hours out of every week – and turning into an effective blogger takes months, perhaps years for a few.

Try not to be that person! Before you start a blog, investigate your calendar – work, family, work out, every last bit of it. What amount of time do you truly need to commit to your blog?

Set Reasonable Expectations For Yourself And Your Blog

On the off chance that it's just 1-2 hours out of every week, that is incredible, yet it's outlandish to expect that you'll distribute 3 posts for each week in that one single hour. I suggest giving yourself

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